Three Simple Tips to get Male Clients Rebooking

I have found a lot of male clientele just come and go when they feel its needed, and they don’t always set up a new appointment. Which is fine for them, but it doesn’t help your rebooking rates. Here are five simple things you can do to keep them coming back for more.


Its all in the shampoo! Through the years I have found men love a stimulating shampoo experience. During my apprenticeship, I learned a whats called a “T-3” using the Teatree line, and I use this on a daily basis with almost all of my clients. Basically, you use a cooling or cleansing shampoo and really scrub the scalp using vigorous circular motions. Do not be afraid to be rough with this first shampoo! Then going in with the second, you can be more calm; go around the hairline in circular motions with your thumb putting adequate pressure 3 times; come around the ear towards the temple in circular motions 3 times. Drag your fingers down to the nape and up to the occipital bone again 3 times. Finish off with a stimulating conditioner and hot towel over the eyes and hair. Rinse with cool to warm water. If you wish, throw in an arm and hand massage to make a full spa experience.

Spend some extra time on the edge up. I always use different techniques around the edging and always personalize it to what ever hair growth patterns they have. Around the nape I like to use clipper over comb to soften any cowlicks; I don’t like to clipper those off because when the hair grows out in two weeks its going to be noticeable. Going around the hairline make sure there’s not any rouge hairs on their forehead or on the neck. I think men really appreciate the extra detail steps. I also ask if they need a shape up on their eyebrows or need a beard trim. All of these extra things can take little time and makes you stand out as a hairdresser.

Lastly, work on your check out dialogue. I like to make it sound like he doesn’t have an option but to rebook. Try to make it sound like you have a tight availability and they can only come in four to six weeks out. An example I use, “My next availability is going to be on this week, which day works best for you?” If they are still hesitant, that’s when I come in with “I’m gonna go ahead and put you down six weeks out on the same day and time of this appointment, if you need to come in earlier or need to reschedule, I’m a phone call away.” Normally, they will be okay with this process and its a win for both of you.

These tips have really helped me get my rebooking rates up. I encourage you to try them out, see what works for you. Men can sometimes be in a bit of a hurry, but if you take the extra time to do these quick tricks, I’m positive you will see the return, and your clients will walk out feeling like they got more than just a haircut.

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