The Big Chop!


We all go through those periods of time when you feel like you need to do a complete change to your look, and what better way to do it than your hair? I find transformations really exciting being it cut, color, style or a combination of the three. Thus, there are a few things to go over before, during and after for a major transformation on your clients.

Now, I get really excited when someone comes in with long hair and wants to completely chop it off. But, I also don’t want that person crying in my chair during a breakup, if you know what I mean. I cannot express how important it is to do a thorough consultation with that client to figure out their reasoning behind this change. Once that’s established, either carry on with the client’s wishes or establish a new game plan. You have to keep in mind what is actually possible for that client; communicating realistic expectatios with your client is going to help both of you in the long run. Its better to under promise and over deliver depending on the individual’s situation.

A lot of times your clients will feel nervous during the process of the service and sometimes you get so focused on what your doing you don’t realize it. A good way to keep them comfortable and you focused is to walk them through step-by-step exactly what you’re doing throughout the entire process. It keeps the lines of communication open and makes them feel educated and relaxed.

While finishing up the appointment, it’s important that they know how to take care of their new look. Walk them through everything that you used, teach them little tricks to make it easy at home, be sure to rebook them no matter how small the service was so you and the client can maintain the look. This gives your client a sense of ease walking out with all the knowledge and care you have given them.

Big chops, Funky colors and bold styles are great fun for us hairstylists, but a lot can go wrong when it comes to nervous clients. On major transformations it’s essential to make our clients feel as comfortable and confident as possible. Keep in mind thorough consultation, constant communication and after care; your clients will walk out with a new look they can strut in!

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