Styling Tips For the Fine

1462045897026[1]Now if you’re like me and have baby fine hair, its hard to really have any sort of style. When we do manage to get a little something, it falls flat before five minutes passes. Luckily, through my personal experience as well as client discoveries I have found a few pointers to help us all out!

  • Water based products are our friend!
  • Hairspray before you use hot tools.
  • Hold your tools further up on your section for volume.
  • Allow style to cool completely!
  • Light weight hairspray!

Water based products are key to hold/ protect your style and not weigh it down. A few of my favorites are Vita Volume Mousse by Keratin Complex and Moroccaoil heat protection spray. After I do a blow-dry and am going into styling, I like to spray light weight hairspray on each section I take. This really preps the hair to grip what ever style you are going for. If you hold the barrel of the curling iron or straightener horizontally on your section and elevate upwards your going to get more volume at the root. The same goes for blow-drying. Think about your pores, how they expand with heat and contract with coolness, the same concept happens with your hair. When you style your hair you need to let it cool completely for the style to seal and last. Lastly a light weight hairspray is your best friend! If you use a hair spray that says “strong hold” or “firm hold,” its way too heavy and will droop your style. Try a light to medium hold hair spray instead. Kenra Medium hold hairspray as a top favorite of mine.

I know the struggles of trying to get even just a little wave to stay in my hair! However, I found these tips have really worked for me as well as my clients. Give them a try, and enjoy lusciousness that will last!


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