My Top Five


I love to try out new hair products, you could easily say I’m a bit of a hair junkie! Although through the ocean of products I have stocked; I have my go to products that I will always find myself repurchasing or using constantly on my clients. How I find my favorites is based on the senses as well as results and these five take the cake!


1.) Tea Tree Lavender Mint Shampoo & Conditioner: It was really difficult to pick just one Tea Tree shampoo & conditioner considering how all of them are absolutely wonderful! However I personally fell head over heals with the lavender mint considering how the lavender smell completely relaxes you as the mint works to give you a cool refreshing feeling on the scalp. The consistency of all the Tea Tree shampoos are relatively thick compared to most; a lot of people might not like that aspect but once its wet it can lather pretty well. As for the conditioners they feel really light yet creamy at the same time which I think is a good balance giving just enough to stick to the hair and not be too much at the same time. lastly I would like to point out the packaging; I love the logo first hand as well as the color schemes! Forest green is one of my favorite colors and the lavender color of the print really stands out! A big plus is the plastic is very sturdy as well as transparent so you can see how much product you are using. To sum up, I can’t get enough of this power duo.


2.) Kenra Blow-Dry Mist: This was the very first Kenra product I ever tried and was enthralled immediately! This product has made Kenra my personal favorite line above all. Firstly, when I put this in my hair  I would get compliments constantly on the fragrance. I can’t quite pinpoint the smell but I think it has a touch of coconut. If you were to spritz a little on your hand the mixture is both light and slick making it easy for any hair type to use. I actually never blowdry my own hair I just let it air dry; I actually used this product mainly for the heat protection and it did not disappoint. It will also make your hair glimmer like stars which usually means it has an oil; I have baby fine hair which if I used too much of this I would look like it rained. Honestly that’s the only downside, luckily I know to use it lightly. However because of the oil it really helps with flyaways and smoothing down the hair for beautiful results. Again I’m a sucker for looks, I love the mirrored finish cap along with how it blends into the printwork. This is a very sleek and professional packaging that matches it’s product.


3.) Moroccanoil Molding Cream: This product is my absolute favorite in the entire Moroccanoil line hands down! I love love love to use this for polishing out any mens cut. It adds a little hold, texture, and slight bit of shine to any style. The consistency of this cream is so luxurious feeling; very much like whipped cream cheese. Molding cream is the exact definition of this product as it will perfectly spread through the hair as you style it. All of the Moroccanoil line has the orange and turquoise color scheme which really draws attention to it. This is a screw on puck with very hard, sturdy plastic and the best part being the product wont dry out if you don’t close it completely. Moroccanoil has made all their products to smell relatively the same which is a plus so no one is overwhelmed by too many scents. This one in particular is very faint you can barely pick up the scent at all which is perfect for people who want to wear cologne or perfume. I can easily recommend this product to anyone.


4.) Awapuhi Wild Ginger Styling Treatment Oil: I am very picky when it comes to treatment oils both on myself and on clients. I find a good lot of them to be too much for the hair or on a lot of my blondies it gives unwanted tones. However I have not had that problem with this product at all! I use this on a daily basis on myself and love my results every time! This styling oil works perfectly on my baby fine hair and is really wonderful for smoothing coarse hair as well. It doesn’t have the ginger smell most of the Awapuhi line has; in fact it doesn’t have much of any scent at all. Another great product for people who don’t need too many scents at once. Very beautiful packaging the way the aqua green peeks through. The only problem I found with the packaging is the lid does not stay on well but, the pump is so smooth it makes up for it. The color of the product its self is clear and the consistency is a light weight oil that is thick enough to stay in a perfect shape. This product also has amazing longevity, I have a travel size that has lasted over six months!


5.) Kenra Perfect Medium Hold Hairspray: Coming at ya again with another Kenra product! Kenra Is Known for their hairspray, every one is top of the line quality. I chose to go with the medium because it is honestly the happy medium for all hair types. For all us fine haired girls you need one that is light weight that will hold your style this is perfect! for all you lovely thick haired ladies this grips the hair without being “crunchy”. It has a very buildable weight to it and can easily hold a style all day! This is the only Kenra hairspray to have a red cap making it very distinguishable and easy to find. I do have a negative to this product which is the amount of aerosol is so strong making the smell overwhelming. However Kenra does have aerosol free hairsprays as well. I have used this product for almost every special occasion and daily wear as its such a versatile product.

This concludes my top five hair products! I can recommend any of these products to anyone as I love them all and are completely wearable for any hair type. I would love to know what all my other hair junkies top five are! You can leave me a comment below and I may do a review on some!

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