Behind the Lens

My goal in the beauty industry has always been to become a platform artist behind scenes of photoshoots, fashion shows, movie scenes, etc. Recently that’s exactly what ive been doing with a collaborative team who all want to show off their individual skills. We have worked on two shoots and the outcome is truly a work of art. Here is a small out look on our journey.

I believe the more planning one does the more fluid things will run. With the help of Skyler Samson (photographer) and Adriana Carner (model) we mapped out three completely different looks that took a month an a half of adjusting schedules, budgeting, gathering materials, and so forth. The day of the shoot has arrived and the weather was on our side with perfect sunlight throughout the day. However time was not, each look took about two to three hours to create and about an hour or two to photograph. Myself not knowing anything of photography helped with lighting reflectors while Adriana slipped into character, and Skyler getting in any possible position to get the shot as well as give precise direction. Lighting wasn’t too much of an issue, but the heat of the day took a major toll on us Adriana getting the worst of it. Countless pieces of double-sided tape, bobby pins, and 12 dedicated hours we come to a close on our first photoshoot.

Soon after we became motivated for the next shoot and wanted to be even more extreme. Instead of doing multiple looks the team decided on focusing on one complete look to perfect. It took us about two months to prep, gather materials, coordinate our model( Hana Schlang)  and schedule a set date. On top of this we were fortunate enough to have Ethan Kaiser; a videographer join us on the shoot to create a mysteriously beautiful video! Now for all that are unaware I am deathly weary of open water and our shoot would take place in the Guadalupe River.  Prepared for this no one forced me, even Adriana stepped in to do touch ups in the river if necessary. We saw a plethora of weather changes throughout the day making the team weary from cold and the pull of the currents. We ended the shoot only taking a total of six hours and what I’m positive took nearly 1000 photos! I couldn’t be more pleased with the work we put together.

With both of these collaborations I am so happy and fortunate to have been able to work with these great people. In regards to the future hope we will continue to grow, learn, and reach our individual goals as artists. I will post all the photos of these on my portfolio if you wish to see more. Please check out the video and  give the team your support by checking them out on their social media! Look forward to more behind scenes fun!

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