All about Pie

FB_IMG_1470124977691[1]No, not literal pie, but all about Lindsey Ricks — the ever-enthusiastic hairstylist behind Hair by Pie.

Pie happens to be a family nickname that has followed Lindsey throughout adulthood and into the professional trade. She started her journey into the beauty industry by attending a Vidal Sassoon connection academy at Avenue Five Institute in 2014. After graduation, Lindsey had already participated in her first hair competition and was familiar with the Sassoon way, and additional knowledge of European color systems. She expanded that knowledge as an apprentice under a Paul Mitchell focus salon and has since attended a multitude of continuing education and product-oriented classes.

Now Lindsey is focusing on branding her name, working on continuing to refine her skills and learning new techniques. Her ultimate goal is to become a platform artist, or work behind photoshoots and movie scenes. That being said, Lindsey enjoys giving everyone a full and complete look, providing each client with a quality cut and customized color to suit their individuality.